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Henson and I belong to the Harriman Hiking Group for dog friendly hiking in the greater NYC New York/New Jersey area. A very big thank you to Susan Sterngold, group founder and leader (and one heck of a banjo player!) for being my tour guide to Harriman State Park and the Ramapo Mountains. Susan's Belgians Cleo, Shady Grove and Izzy are now at the Rainbow Bridge but will always be remembered as Henson's favorite hiking buddies. Cleo showed him the joys of swimming in mountain streams and lakes. Izzy was in charge of chipmunk patrol. And Shady Grove led the way on the trails, with Henson by her side as he was madly in love with her. We've been hiking on our own lately so that my older girl Torchy can keep up but Henson plays with Susan's newest Belgian Eva when we visit her at home. Check back for more of Henson's adventures!

Fall foliage from the top of Black Rock Mountain (From L to R -- Kathy, Henson, Shady Grove)

Shady and Henson on the 7 Hills Trail

Pine Meadow Lake (Izzy, Susan, Shady, Cleo and Henson)

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