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THE MONTAGE HOT LITTER: 09/26/98 1 male, 6 females.

SIRE: Montage Dizzybird Jazz "Bebop"
CERF BT-2460/2000  OFA Hips BT-3307G28M  Elbows BT-EL790

DAM: Am/Can. CH Landmark Par Avion HS, JHD, CGC, TDI, P-BAR "Ava"

CERF BT-1315/2003  OFA Hips BT-2705G29F  Elbows BT-EL372  Cardiac BT-CA2/31/F/C


Am. CH Montage Too Hot To Handle HT "Cinder"  left us at 14 years old. She was owned by Beverly Malzahn and family, in Stafford VA. Cinder was engaging, lively, outgoing, and exceedingly smart. Beverly has many stories about Cinder. One of my favorites was how Beverly could tell her which child to wake up in the morning and Cinder never made a mistake! Cinder had exceptionally lovely breed type as well as very sound structure and breathtaking movement. At age two, I borrowed her and took her to a 5 day show cluster where she earned her championship with 5 majors in a row, including BOBs over specials. Cinder has also dabbled in herding and agility, and she enjoyed traveling with her family in their motorhome. She was the happiest dog in the world because she was so greatly loved.

Montage Hot Apple Pie "Angie"  broke her leg as a baby by climbing out of an xpen and falling into our fish pond! After her convalescence, it was a long time before "Angelina Ballerina" found her forever home. She was petite, charming and bossy - a large presence in a small body. We all loved her dearly. She grew up a sheep herding addict and water retrieving beach bum on the Long Island shores. She finally went to live with Maeve Knapp, Maura and Carol Hogan in Syracuse where she became Carol's very devoted, dearly loved companion and heart dog. She enjoyed swimming and retrieving in the Adirondacks and at the family's lake house until two weeks before her 14th birthday when she passed on. Angie

Montage Hot Buttered Rum "Toddy"  was Dick Knapp's much loved companion in Syracuse NY. Toddy was a sweet, friendly, fluffy little guy with the sunniest disposition. We called him the little "sunflower." He loved everybody and everything! He was pointed in AKC but was neutered before completing his championship because of his size. Toddy enjoyed frequent trips to his family's lake house. He was a mainstay of the family for many years, passing on 3 days before his 15th birthday.

Montage Hot Rocks "Roxy"   was owned by Kevin Richardson of Plattsburgh NY, a child and family counselor, certified for wilderness leadership. He and Roxy spent years taking groups of children backpacking and climbing in the Adirondack mountains in both summer and winter. In her youth, Roxy was very athletic and fit. She was a fabulous therapy dog, confident and outgoing, with great responsiveness to the children she worked with. It has been wonderful to see her following in the pawprints of her grandpa George and mother Ava who both worked as therapy dogs. Roxy

Montage Red Hot Quesadilla TDX, HSAs, HRDI "KC"  was owned, trained and handled by Sharon Johnson in NE. She was a really special dog with beauty, brains and versatility. KC was the first of the Hot pups to earn a performance title. She was a very talented herding dog, with exceptional balance and a sensible attitude toward stock. Unfortunately, she developed immune mediated arthritis and had to stop herding but she continued to enjoy her other sport of tracking with Sharon and was working toward her Tracking Championship. At age nine, KC suddenly became ill from stomach ulcer complications while on prednisone, caught pneumonia, and she had to leave us way too soon. We miss her dearly.

Montage Hot Stuff HSAs CGC "Sizzle"  was owned by the late Frank Tipping Jr. and remained with his wife Rickey Marks in Piermont NY until she passed on at age 12. Like her dam, Sizzle was a very keen herding dog with wonderful balance and lots of drive and power on stock. She earned her Herding Started A-Course Sheep title in just 3 trials, with no practice on an A-course or obstacles, including a 4th place win and tie for 5th out of a class of 23 entries. In her senior years she enjoyed herding ducks and she was very active and happy right up until her last few weeks. If there are ducks at the Rainbow Bridge, Sizzle is in charge. Sizzle

Montage Hot Tango Dancer "Tango"  was the beloved companion of Susan and David Fetcho in Oakland CA, for 12 1/2 years. Tango was small and ultra feminine, with a silvery fawn coat. Her tiny little tight-set ears can still be seen in Pedigree magazine ads. When strolling with her humans, "Her Most Serene Mini-Majesty" observed the world with enormous calm and dignity. But, when the play switch was on, Tango turned into "The Pocket Rocket." She had amazing speed and stamina, and she was an intense ball-retriever. David used to say, Tango could snag a fly ball with an over-the-shoulder wide receiver's grab that made Jerry Rice look like a rookie. She played ball at full-throttle right up until her last week. She lived a joyful life!

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Kathy Madden
Montage Tervuren
New York, NY USA