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THE MONTAGE HOT LITTER: 09/26/98 1 male, 6 females.

SIRE: Montage Dizzybird Jazz "Bebop"

DOB: 09/08/97  CERF BT-2460/2000  OFA Hips Good BT-3307G28M  Elbows Normal BT-EL790

DAM: Am/Can. CH Landmark Par Avion HS JHD CGC TDI "Ava"

DOB: 09/09/94  CERF BT-1315/2000  OFA Hips Good BT-2705G29F  Elbows Normal BT-EL372  Cardiac Normal BT-CA2/31/F/C

Too Hot To Handle "Cinder"
09/26/98 - 10/29/12
CERF BT-2321 (09/03)
OFA Hips Good BT-3485G26F  Elbows Normal BT-EL919F26
Thyroid Normal (Antech 9/01)  Cardiac Normal BT-CA32/17F/C-T
Scissors bite;  Full dentition  Height 23 1/2) Spayed, pyometra.

Hot Buttered Rum "Toddy"
09/26/98 - 09/23/13
CERF BT-2196/1999
OFA Hips BT-2196/1999  Elbows Normal BT-EL931M26
Scissors bite;  Full dentition  Height 23

Hot Apple Pie "Angie"
09/26/988 - 9/12/12
CERF BT-2193 (03/07)
OFA Hips Good BT-3495G26F  Elbows Normal BT-EL927F26
Cardiac Normal BT-CA29/12F/C-T
Wry bite;  Full dentition  Height 23

Hot Rocks "Roxy"
Eyes checked clear at 12 mo.
OFA Hips Excellent BT-3442E24F  Elbows Normal BT-EL889F24
Scissors bite;  Full dentition  Height 23 1/2

Red Hot Quesadilla "KC"
09/26/988 - 1/1/08
CERF BT-2533 (05/01)
OFA Hips Good BT-3492G27F  Elbows Normal BT-EL925F27
Thyroid Normal BT-TH46/30F
Scissors bite;  Full dentition  Height 21 1/2
Immune mediated arthritis, died from stomach ulcer complications while on prednisone
resulting in aspiration pneumonia

Hot Stuff "Sizzle"
09/26/988 - 12/7/10
CERF BT-2170 (08/01) bilateral cataracts dev age two, then disappeared - probably lesions from lyme
OFA Hips Good BT-3494G26  Elbows Normal BT-EL926F26
Cardiac Normal BT-CA25/12F/C
Ankylosing spondylosis at age 6, mild
Undershot bite;  Full dentition Height 23 1/2

Hot Tango Dancer "Tango"
09/26/98 - 5/4/11 CERF BT-2459/2000 (11/00)
OFA Hips Good BT-3556G28F  Elbows Normal BT-EL978F28
Scissors bite;  Full dentition  Height 22
Developed bladder cancer at age 12 1/2

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Kathy Madden
Montage Tervuren
New York, NY USA