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ABBY SCORES IN TREIBBALL     Abby took up a new sport with her person Maura Hogan and they both had tons of fun playing it. It's called Treibball and resembles a soccer gamer in which the dog must push giant balls up and down a field and get them into a goal. At age 11, Abby earned her American Treibball Association title of Standard, Beginner A. It was so neat to finally get the title certificate a year later LOL. Abby
VINNIE EARNS HIS ADVANCED SCENTWORK TITLE     With his human partner Patty Naimo, Vinnie earned his 3rd leg in Advanced Buildings search, thereby completing his overall Advanced Scent Dog title! And, he did it with a 2nd place! Very proud of the multi-talented Gangster. Vinnie, you are da man!
SAVVY & SCOTT PLAY THE AGILITY GAME     Not only is Rusty's beloved Savvy well loved but he is also having a great time playing the agility game! Scott took Savvy to his first AKC trial and they synched beautifully. The results - 4 runs, 3 1st places and an NA title! Scott says Savvy-man was an awesome gentleman and teammate all weekend. So proud of them both. Love and miss you, Rusty, but I have absolutely no doubt that this made you very happy if you were watching, and I'd like to believe that you were there in spirit running right along with them! Savvy

Kathy Madden
Montage Tervuren
New York, NY USA