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CH Montage Pirate's Code "Parlez"
CH, C-ATCH Versace van Moned RA, NA, NAJ, OF, THD, SJ, SG, SS, SR, CL2, TDI  x  MACH5, ADCH-Silver, CH Montage Works Like A Charm MXB2, MJS2, MXF, LAA-Silver, TM-Platinum, JCH-Platinum, SCH-Gold, SACH-Gold, RCH-Gold, GCH-Silver, RS-E, JS-E, GS-O, HIC "Rhian"

DOB: 10/26/11  Bred by: Kathy Madden & Rusty Pearson  Owned by: Rusty Pearson & Kathy Madden
OFA Hips Excellent BT-5923E24F-VPI & Elbows Normal BT-EL3138F24-VPI   Scissors bite, Full dentition

"First, your return to shore was not part of our negotiations nor our agreement, so I must do nothin'. And secondly, you must be a pirate for the Pirate's Code to apply, and you're not. And thirdly, the Code is more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules."

New AKC Champion Parlez, with Aunty Darcy Ferrentino, finishing at 21 months old with her 3rd major
and second 5 pointer under breeder-judge Peri Norman

Back to back majors at 15 months, including WB/BOW/BOS over specials for 5 points

Parlez (R) with her brother Savvy

Show debut at 7 months, WB/BOW for 2 points

Pretty Par Par at 5 months

Rusty's little Valentine's Heart

Parlez's "Teeter Chair"

Pillaging & plundering!

Snow Angel

11 weeks old and saucy

8 weeks old

Practicing her start-line stay at 6 weeks old

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Kathy Madden
Montage Tervuren
New York, NY USA