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DOB: 4/25/05  5 males, 3 females
Bred by Darlene Hernandez & Kathy Madden

George     Piper

SIRE: Ukc BISS Multi CH Belamba Seaflower Montage CD, PT, JHD, CGC, TDI, TT, P-BAR "George" (import, England)
(Brit. CH Domburg Sweet Talking Guy x Brit. CH France de la Douce Plaine at Belamba)
OFA CHIC   CERF BT-1098/09/02   OFA Hips BT-228OG24M   Elbows BT-EL171   Patellar BT-PA2/24/M
Cardiac BT-CA1/57M/C   Thyroid BT-TH1/49M   VWD Clear   Scissors bite, full dentition   Height 25"

DAM: Am. CH Bergeau Arlequin Replica "Piper" (import, England)
(Brit. CH Opium Van de Hoge Laer "Carlos" x Brit. CH Charbonny Hedda "Wyzzy")
CERF BT-1861(10/03)   OFA Hips BT-3314F24F   Elbows BT-EL799
Cardiac BT-CA30/28F/C   VWD Low normal   Scissors bite, missing 2 PMs

George at 14 1/2 and Piper at age 9

Roux, Punch, Judy, Goldie (L to R) at 24 months

We tried for more than a year to make the Puppet litter happen. George and Piper were British imports from litters that were the culmination of years of careful breeding by Belamba and Bergeau kennels. Their pedigree cross includes many of Europe's best and most influential Belgians. Both of them have passed on but they leave quite a legacy behind. The first time we tried for this cross, Piper reabsorbed all but one of the babies and we tragically lost that one early on. Because of George's age at the time (13), we used some of his limited frozen semen and did surgical inseminations. Luckily, we had lots of babies the second time around. The Puppets were all that we dreamed of and more, active in agility, obedience, rally, herding and tracking, attracting fans wherever they have appeared. Five became AKC champions, a 6th became an Agility Champion and a 7th became a Musical Freestyle Champion. The Puppets brought together the temperament, working potential and beauty that we strive so hard to achieve.

Henson Am/Can. CH LandmarkMontage Puppeteer CD "Henson"   was a Montage family dog, co-owned with Landmark. Henson was the sweetest dog I ever owned in all my years in dogs. He never met a stranger and was especially gentle and loving with children and disabled people, like his papa George. Henson earned his AKC Championship with 4 majors. He was an elegant show dog with lots of presence and style, and sound movement. In 2008, he earned his Canadian Championship in one 5 day show circuit with wins over specials including a Group 2 and Group 4. This gave him 60 points, leaving him tied for the #10 spot in the Canadian Top Ten breed standings at year end. Henson was a multi-purpose dog. He loved tracking and was ready to certify but I hadn't gotten around to testing. I did find time for his competition obedience CD which he earned in 2 days, 3 trials out of Novice B, taking 3rd and 4th places. He loved to train and had a bouncy, upbeat working style. Henson was a patient and incredibly tolerant male presence for the Pirate Litter, even allowing the babies to tug on his tail! After coming in contact with a chemical, Henson's health went downhill and he had to go on to the Rainbow Bridge at age 9. I am very lucky that his legacy continues as it would be hard to find better temperament anywhere in the world. He sired the Landmark Correspondence Litter and is the grandsire of the Landmark Coffee Litter. My entire family was devoted to Henson and we all miss him terribly.
CH LandmarkMontage Dancing Puppet "Goldie"  is co-owned by Montage and Landmark. She is ultra feminine and beautifully balanced. Goldie is always on the go, looking for things to leap onto. She is a little dynamo with tons of drive! With her gorgeous side gait and bouncy, super friendly temperament, she breezed through the breed ring, finishing her championship with an extra major. Goldie lives up to her name in the ring and is quite funny to watch, she will dance and spin at the end of her 6 foot lead. She has all the characteristics we love. Although we tried to breed her, sadly, cysts prevented pregnancy. Goldie
Punch CH LandmarkMontage Puppet Show "Punch"  resides at Landmark in No. California and is co-owned by Montage. He is a big, fun loving goofball, a mama's boy and the grey Darlene always wanted. Punch easily finished his AKC breed championship as he has movement to die for. He is specialed occasionally and has also enjoyed tracking.
CH LandmarkMontage Marionette "Judy"  Judy started out as a California girl, living with Darlene at Landmark. Then, she came to visit us in New York City and she never went back, ending up as Gary Madden's special girl! Judy is exceptionally sweet-natured and loves children. When not snuggling on laps, she is full of fun, an enthusiastic retriever, with lots of drive and is always ready to play. Judy is very athletic and agile, with effortless, ground-covering movement. She loves children and when my daughter was younger loved to begin her day by walking to school with her, and she carried on like a maniac if she didn't get to go along. When Judy earned her breed championship, she completed her daddy's C-BAR! Judy
Shadow MACH LandmarkMontage Shadow Puppet MXF, EAC, EJC, TN-E, WV-E, TG-O, HP-O, ECC, PS1, PJ1, CGC "Shadow"   was owned by Nancy Stone and Mark Johnson in Meridian ID. Shadow was very sweet and biddable, with lots of enthusiasm and focus for performance endeavors. He was Nancy's first agility dog and kept her quite busy in her retirement with AKC and NADAC trials. Shadow completed his MACH on October 30, 2010. He went on to earn another 562 speed points, 8 QQs toward his MACH2, and 9 QQQs toward his TQX, along with a bunch of blue ribbons. Besides agility, Shadow performed with the Dogs A'Flying Canine Circus as part of a therapy dog program. Shadow passed away far too soon from gastric carcinoma. He left a huge hole in Nancy's heart.
W-ChFD/MF, W-ChFD/HTM LandmarkMontage Puppet Master CDX, RE, AX, AXJ, OF, CGC, HIC "Taz"  is the owner of Lynn Ungar and Kelsey Hartman in Castro Valley, CA. Taz and Lynn have made a name for themselves in a wonderful international sport called Musical Freestyle, in which dog and person perform coordinated dance routines together. In Oct. of 2010, Taz earned his Musical Freestyle Championship at a large event in Oregon, where he competed in both Advanced Musical Freestyle and Advanced Heelwork to Music, taking first place in both classes on both days over strong competition, for his 2nd and 3rd QQ's. A W-ChFD/MF requires 3 double Qs in the Advanced Division with scores of 9.2 or higher in both Technical Merit and Artistic Impression. To top off the weekend, Taz won High Technical Merit and High Artistic Merit awards in Heelwork to Music, and the Combined High Technical Merit and High artistic Merit awards overall for the weekend. In April of 2011, Taz added a 2nd WCFO Championship in Heelwork to Music. He the first Belgian of any variety to finish these titles in the USA, and he did it qualifying every single time he went in the ring 22 straight Q's, starting at 10 months old! Visit Taz's page to see dancing videos. Taz also competes in AKC Obedience and Agility. He earned his first Rally-O Novice leg at only 8 months old and went on to easily complete his titles through Excellent level, with many class placements and scores of 199 along the way. Taz also breezed through Novice Obedience with 3 Q's in a row, and did the same in Open. In Agility he is now on the MACH Trail. Last but not least, Tazzie is a fearless protector for Lynn's daughter Mattea, standing ready to consume any spiders that dare to enter her room. Taz
CH LandmarkMontage Puppet On A String HT, STDs "Roux"   was the most beloved companion to Pam and Stu Edgecombe of Elk Grove, CA. She passed on suddenly at age 11 from stomach cancer after a blessedly short illness. She was a very happy, well loved dog. Her favorite activitiy was sheep herding. She earned a beginning title in AKC and a Started Sheep title in ASCA. She was Pam's first herding dog, and it is because of Roux that Pam is a sheep herding addict. Roux was also a very beautiful, elegant show champion. She is dearly missed. Roux
Nicky LandmarkMontage Sock Puppet "Nicky"  Nicky is owned by Al and Cheryl Binder, El Sobrante, CA. He is their first Tervuren and is a much loved, joyful companion.
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Kathy Madden
Montage Tervuren
New York, NY USA