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Montage Puppy Notes - Fencing

When preparing your fenced in yard, make sure there are no poisonous plants or mushrooms or other natural hazards in it. Fencing for little puppies should have small openings that puppy paws can't get caught in. A good height for most adults is 5 feet (although some can jump 6 feet). Belgians are territorial and love to bark at people or dogs approaching the fenceline, so if you have neighbors close up, you might want to consider privacy fencing.

If you live in a development where fencing is not allowed, you can always link xpens together to make a large play area. Tent stakes and t-posts can make your non-permament fenced in yard very secure. Xpens come in lots of different heights. If you have an xpen-climbing Belgian, you can use pvc which is slippery and discourages climbers.

We do NOT recommend Invisible Fences and Electronic Collars.  Click here to read about why Invisible Fencing is not a good choice for Belgians.

Fences do not have to be expensive or ugly. Even a very large area can be fenced in quickly and easily. Here is a great example of this, courtesy of Francisca Lytle and her Belgians. This simple wire fencing is almost invisible to the eye unless viewed up close.

Home Depot, Lowes, any large building supply store will have everything you need to make a fenced yard.

Click here to view more photos and design ideas for fencing.

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