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Montage Tale of Othello CGC TDIA HCT TT

Casey at age 12

Therapy Dogs International awards TDIA certification to dogs who have made over 50 therapy visits.

The only dog to ever win Maryland's Most Beautiful Person Award!

"Dogs know we need to give affection as much as they need to receive it. They were the first therapists; they've been in practice for thousands of years."   Dean Koontz

Casey the Wonder Dog has advanced degrees in many subjects...

...such as squirrel hunting

Frisbee Competition Bronze medalist

Casey is a big Rams fan

Casey's person Mike take gorgeous photos!

When not in disguise, Casey is the spitting image of her sire Teva

Baby Casey at 3 months old

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Kathy Madden
Montage Tervuren
New York, NY USA