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Montage Wind Speed "Gale"
MACH3, ADCH-Silver, NATCH, ATCH, U-AGII BasqueLaine-Montage Secret Agent LAA-Silver, TM-Platinum, SCH-Gold, JCH-Gold, GCH-Silver, MXF, O-TN-E, WV-E, TG-E, SJ, RN, SS, WETT, HIC, CGC, TDI "Maxwell" x MACH4, ADCH-Silver, CH Montage Works Like A Charm MXC, MJS2, MXF, LAA-Silver, TM-Platinum, JCH-Platinum, SCH-Gold, SACH-Gold, GCH-Silver, RCH-Silver, RS-E, JS-E, GS-O, HIC "Rhian"
CERF Clear (7/08)   OFA Hips Good BT-5022G28F-VPI   Elbows Normal BT-EL2292F28-VPI   Scissors bite, full dentition

Gale at 2 years old

Practicing agility skills

Xmas 2008

5 months

Puppy Graduate

11 weeks

Future agility star!

Puppy Pickup Day -- From L to R (Back) -- Rusty, Karen, Mike, Elizabeth From L to R (Front) -- Darcy, Jonathon

Gale meets Jonathon

Baby Gale at 7 weeks (Aqua Girl)

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Kathy Madden
Montage Tervuren
New York, NY USA