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THE MONTAGE SPEED LITTER  3/12/06   4 females, 3 males.
SIRE: MACH3, ADCH-Silver, NATCH, ATCH, U-AGII BasqueLaine-Montage Secret Agent LAA-Silver, TM-Platinum, JCH-Gold, SCH-Gold, GCH-Silver, MXF, O-TN-E, WV-E, TG-E, SJ, RN, SS, WETT, HIC, CGC, TDI "Maxwell"
(Multi CH Belamba Seaflower Montage CD, PT, CGC, TDI, TT, P-BAR "George" x Mahagonny's Rites of Passage HIC)
OFA CHIC   CERF BT-2902 (12/08)  Hips Good BT-4128G27M Elbows Normal BT-EL1472M27 Thyroid Normal BT-TH129/27M (5/04)  Scissors bite, full dentition   Height 23 1/2

MACH4, ADCH-Silver, CH Montage Works Like A Charm MXC, MJS2, MXF, LAA-Silver, TM-Platinum, JCH-Platinum, SCH-Gold, SACH-Gold, GCH-Silver, RCH-Silver, RS-E, JS-E, GS-O, HIC "Rhian"
(CH Montage Beach Talisman MX, MXJ, PT, CGC, TDI "Charm" x Montage Midsummer Night's Dream OAJ, NA, HCT, CGC TDI "Summer")
OFA CHIC   CERF BT-3378 (12/08)  Hips Good BT-4759G27F-PI   Elbows Normal BT-RL2053F27-PI   Thyroid Normal BT-TH423/44F-VPI (10/08)   Scissors bite, full dentition   Height 23 3/4   AKC pointed


Maxwell & Rhian



Blade MACH3 Montage Speed Skater MXG, MJS, NF, J-SN "Blade"   was Rusty Pearson's dear companion until he passed away. She now lives with Rusty's sister Pam in Rusty's home. Blade began competing in agility with Rusty at age 5. She completed her MACH on May 18, 2012, MACH2 on Sept. 29, 2013, andMACH3 in July 2014! Blade is one of the sweetest dogs known to humankind. She gets along with everyone and everything and always does her best to please. We are very proud of "Baby Blade" and so happy she followed in the pawprints of her parents MACH 3 Maxwell and MACH 4 Rhian.
Montage Speedway MX, MXJ, MJB, OF "Winston"  was Mary's first Belgian as well as her first agility dog. Mary and Winston had so much fun trialing together, it was a joy to watch them run! Winston completed his Masters titles in 2011-2012, and went on to earn 10 Double Qs and over 350 speed points. He left us suddenly at 7 1/2 years old. This came as a great shock as he showed no signs of illness and was at an agility trial, running beautifully, just 2 days before his passing which happened during surgery. He had a grand life with Mary and he was able to enjoy doing what he loved best almost to the very last minute. I will always remember him with joy and think of his happy smile as he soared over the jumps. Winston
Chloe Montage Speed Trap "Chloe"   is owned by Bonnie Skelton in Wilbraham MA. She is Bonnie's first Belgian and they enjoy many activities together. Check out the kayaking photo! Chloe got a late start due to breaking her leg as a youngster and this has held her back to some extent, but she is built for performance with a very athletic body, well balanced angles and lovely movement. She is also a really pretty girl! Bonnie ventured into the breed ring with her and, before she was spayed, she was major pointed and halfway to her championship. She has a truly sweet temperament and loves to climb into people's laps. With her serene demeanor she would be a wonderful therapy dog.
Montage Top Speed CGC "Rev"  lives with Susan and Burton Dodd and family in Atlanta. Rev also shares her home with playful, energetic and devilish Terv boy Louie from the Gangster litter. Who knows what deeds they may accomplish together! Rev is high speed and full of enthusiam. She has been through a number of agility classes and it's no surprise that she has lots of ability. Besides agility, Rev is a tennis ball nut and she also loves boating. Inbetween activities she likes to snuggle with Burton and the boys. Rev
Gale Montage Wind Speed HIC "Gale"  lives with Mike, Karen, Elizabeth and Johnathon Kelley in Apex NC. Gale shares the house with two older cats and Piper a little grey kitten, who loves to play chase me games with her. Gale was instinct certified on sheep and she dabbled in agility training in her younger days as a super drivey and athletic dog. She hasn't slowed down much as a senior -- she insists on going on all family hiking adventures and still leads the way.
Montage Need For Speed ADC, AGNS, TN-O, OAC, O-TG-N, NCC, NJC, WV-N, HP-N "Mario" was owned by Petra Wingate in Victoria BC.   Mario left us suddenly at age 3, after developing bacterial endocarditis. In his time here, he could not have been more loved than by Petra. MoMo, also called the Moose due his unexpectedly large size, was an extremely affectionate dog who liked to snuggle and give kisses. He had a sunny temperament with lots of enthusiasm for trying new things and a cheeky sense of humor. I don't think anyone ever met Mario wh didn't fall for him! Mario enjoyed agility trialing, but his favorite activity was sheep herding. If there are sheep at the Rainbow Bridge, for sure Mario is herding them. Mario
Lance Montage Speed Demon "Lance"  lives with Carolyn and Tom Nelson in San Marcos TX. He is their third Belgian. Lance is a big, dynamic puppy. Although Carolyn had serious agility plans for Lance, she developed health issues that prevented her from doing agility.Lance is a much loved family companion who makes friends wherever he goes.

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Speed pups
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