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MONTAGE SURFING LITTER: 08/28/99 3 males, 2 females

SIRE: Am/Can. CH Montage Tokay Pinot Gris "Thor"
CERF BT-1707 (08/01)  OFA Hips Good BT-2952G24M  Elbows Normal BT-EL527
Cardiac Normal BT-CA16/39M/C   Scissors bite, full dentition   Height 25"
DAM: Am. CH Montage Jazz Singer PT, P-BAR "Torchy"
CERF BT-1943/2007  OFA Hips BT-3265G27F  Elbows BT-EL755  Cardiac BT-CA18/23F/C Thyroid Normal (9/01) Scissors bite, full dentition   Height 24"

We chose a surfing theme for this litter because both parents loved to swim in the surf on our beach.
These pups gave us a surprise when they were born, as three of them were black, despite five generations of all Terv colors behind them!




CT, BPIS Can. CH Montage Surfs Up VCD1, CDX, PT "Malibu" was owned by Maura Hogan in Syracuse NY, and proudly co-owned by Montage. Malibu made her show ring debut at 6 months old in Canada since she could not show in AKC as a "black Tervuren." She finished her championship in style with a Best Puppy in Show at Valley KC under judge Margaret Robertson. Maura's main focus with Malibu was in performance sports. Boo completed her CDX with a 1st in Open A, added a TD and TDX in tracking, plus agility and herding titles to earn the ABTC Versatility Award in May, 2009. A "Versatile" Belgian Tervuren must title in four out of the five AKC venues -- conformation, obedience, tracking, herding, or agility. Malibu earned titles in all of them! She was the first Montage dog to achieve this high award. On June 20, 2010, Boo reached another milestone by earning a Variable Surface Tracking (VST) title to become the 15th Champion Tracker Belgian since the start of the AKC program in 1995. In 2011, at age 12, Malibu and Maura drew one of the 10 tracks at the AKC National Tracking Invitational for Champion Trackers. Boo worked a very difficult, hybrid TDX/VST track to a successful finish and became the first Belgian of any flavor ever to pass at this event!!! Beyond all of her accomplishments, she was a most unusual Belgian and we think of her as coming from the Planet Boo. She had special powers. Anyone who knew her can attest that she could hypnotise people with her beautiful eyes. She had a serene presence that was unforgettable. At 17 1/2 years old (the oldest Belgian we know of) she finally returned to her home planet to begin her next adventure, but her essence will shine on here on earth, and in our hearts, forever.

Montage Surfer Girl HT "Gidget" was loved by Karen Franz in Sussex NJ for almost 16 years. Gidget was a striking dark gray color like her sire and a clone of her mother Torchy. Gidget was high energy and lots of fun, outgoing and friendly, and especially lovedall children. Exceptionally agile, she was once found perched 10 feet up on top of the outdoor covered pool! Gidget earned her novice AKC herding title as a youngster, showing lots of potential with a powerful, wide-working style. Although she did not continue in herding, she certainly proved her abilities. She was a dearly loved companion and brought much joy to her family. Gidget

Montage Mavericks Surf Break HSAs, RA, R1CL, R2CL, FO, CGC "Maverick" was the big, black puppy who was always carrying something around. He was known for his snatch and run - look out, here comes the Baby Shark! He was also known for having no stop whatsoever when herding sheepies :-) but his beloved people, Rob and Susan Meiners, still gave him his own flock of sheep. Mavey was in great shape - swimming, retrieving and still carrying stuff around - until just before his 13th birthday when he had a sudden stroke and left us. I sure will miss that big, silly boy. Have fun herding the stars, Mavey. You don't ever have to stop up there.

Montage Point Break Surf NAJ, HIC "Breaker" went to the Rainbow Bridge to be with his dad and granddad at 10 years old. He was the much loved companion of Maeve Knapp in Syracuse NY. Breaker was a big, handsome dog with beautiful grey color, very similar in looks to Thor. He had a goofy sense of humor and we all enjoyed his silly side. He was athletic and brave, following Maeve's daughter Amanda down slides and over mini suspension bridges at the playground. As a young dog, Breaker dabbled in agility earning a Novice Jumpers title, and he was instinct certified on sheep. When Maeve was running a dental practice, Breaker went to work with her every day. He made many friends wherever he went - people always said he was the coolest dog!  He was an absolutely wonderful ambassador for the breed. Breaker loved traveling with Maeve, especially to the Adirondacks which was his favorite place in the whole world. Sometimes my daughter and I joined them for summer vacation at the Wahwbeek Resort and we really enjoyed having Breaker around. He got on beautifully with Thor and George. Great memories of times shared and a wonderful dog who will always be loved. Breaker

Montage Midnight Surfer MX MXJ "Midnight" was owned by Marek Fludzinski. He was Marek's first Belgian and his first competition performance dog. Midnight and Marek had a grand time together learning agility, which was Mid's favorite activity. They went all the way to Masters Excellent in both Standard and Jumpers, with many ribbons along the way. Mid spent his senior years on the family's country property in Garrison with plenty of room to run and a pond to swim in. He especially enjoyed large parties. He had a great life and remained healthy into his 15th year when he finally passed on to the bridge.

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Kathy Madden
Montage Tervuren
New York, NY USA
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