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Am/Can. CH Montage Tokay Pinot Gris "Thor"
04/29/96 -- 10/04/05
CERF BT-1707 (08/01)  OFA Hips Good BT-2952G24M  Elbows Normal BT-EL527
Cardiac Normal BT-CA16/39M/C  Hypothyroid with associated seizures devel. at age 5 1/2. He went to the Rainbow Bridge at age 9

Swim on, silver wolf, until we meet again...

Thor was the most intelligent Belgian I ever shared my life with, quirky, wild and wonderful. He marched to a different drummer all the way! He was extremely athletic, and an accomplished escape artist. He often took himself over our gates and down to the beach. He loved the water, swam laps up and down along the shore, and body-surfed in the waves. He was a rich, dark gray color. Although valued in other countries gray is severely faulted in the current AKC breed standard. Thus, in order to win a gray Tervuren must be exceptional. Thor was the 14th gray Tervuren to finish an AKC championship in 30+ years, breeder/owner handled all the way. I will always be so proud of my beautiful silver wolf! Thor was found to have a abnormally tiny thyroid gland. His resulting hypothyroidism became evident at age 5 1/2, when associated seizuring began. He passed on to the Rainbow Bridge at age 9. He sired the Surfing litter of five beautiful offspring, all greys and blacks.

Thor was loved by many people besides myself, especially his dear Aunt Maeve who kept him by her side when I had to move to New York City. I am glad to have shared him with her. Thor's last summer was a very special one, and Maeve, my daughter and I were all together with Thor, enjoying the lakes and woods of the Adirondacks. It was a happy time for all and memories that I will always cherish.


Thor & his beloved Aunt Maeve

With Maeve & Mulan at the Wabeek (Summer '05)

Am. & Can. Champion, Multiple group placments in Canada

Mulan's 4th Birthday Party

Wolf in Flowers

Baby Thor

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Kathy Madden
Montage Tervuren
New York, NY USA
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