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Click on the links to see videos of Rhian in action!

 Videos of Rita Pita the BC Beata

 03/29/11  ABTC Natl 5/11, 1st place Exc B 24 Standard (courtesy of Don Hansen)
 03/29/11  MACH3 QQ#9 (courtesy of Don Hansen)
 03/28/10  AKC Agility Nationals, Round 4
 03/28/10  AKC Agility Nationals, Round 3
 02/15/10  AKC QQ #13 Exc. B Jumpers "Clinic" run
 12/18/09  Eukanuba 2009 Agility Invitationals, Round 4, Standard 24 1st place out of 87 dogs!
 08/31/09  USDAA South Central Regionals 4th place in Grand Prix
 08/28/09  USDAA Regionals 5th place in Masters Jumpers 26"
 10/13/08  AKC QQ #9 Exc. B Standard YPS = 4.2
 04/04/08  "The Mouth of the South"

 And just for fun...
 How NOT to Handle an Agility Course (2009 USDAA Regionals, TX)

2011 National Specialty High Combined in Trial 2nd year in a row

Purina Incredible Dog 60 Weave Pole Challenge


More Attitude

In the Zone!

9 weeks old

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Kathy Madden
Montage Tervuren
New York, NY USA