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THE MONTAGE SHAKESPEARE LITTER: 03/05/00 2 males, 6 females.

SIRE: Am/Can. CH Montage Jazz Festival OA, OAJ, OAC, OGC "Teva"
CERF BT-1967/2000  OFA Hips BT-3220G24M  Elbows BT-EL718  Cardiac BT-CA28/24M/C  Thyroid BT-TH/25/25M  Scissors bite, full dentition   Height 24 1/2"

DAM: Am/Can. CH Montage Montrachet PT, AX, AXJ, NJC, NGC, CGC, TDI "Bandit"
CERF BT-1748/2000  OFA Hips BT-2953E25F  Elbows BT-EL528  Scissors bite, full dentition   Height 24 1/2"

This litter was a repeat of the Surfing Litter using different littermates, and this time no "black Tervs." The Shakespeare kids have lived up to their names, entertaining their owners in true Shakespearean fashion with creativity and verve! I am especially proud that four dogs from this litter have passed the rigorous Therapy Dogs International (TDI) certification test, which requires exceptional temperament and stability. Shakespeare and dogs, now there's the rub!


Montage Midsummer Nights Dream OAJ, NA, HCT, CGC, TDI "Summer" was owned by Darcy Ferrentino and co-owned with Montage. Summer had an outstanding temperament to go with her elegant looks. She was extremely social and loved meeting other dogs and new people. Her special calling was therapy dog work. Summer was a popular and effective therapy dog in the Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program at Four Winds Hospital, pioneering the first therapy dog program in that facility. She also worked with Darcy at the Denver Eating Disorder Center. Here is a quote I just love from one of Summer's therapy dog patients: "My favorite quality of Summer - her calm demeanor and ability to just sit and listen. While it makes my heart sad to hear of her passing, I know that she has made a difference in so many lives, including mine." Now that's something to be really proud of! Summer had one fabulous litter for Montage - the very dynamic Charmers - and she is the granddam of the Montage Speed litter and the Montage Pirate litter. At age 13, she was in great shape still enjoying hikes in the Colorado mountains, and always leading the way! She was in great health right up until a few days before her 14th birthday when she passed on peacefully. Her legacy will carry on down the line through her offspring and grandoffspring. The joy and love she brought to Darcy, myself, Mulan, Ian and so many others will always live on in our hearts.

Montage Winters Tale at Talisman PT CGC TDI "Cleo" had two loving people to share her -- Maeve Knapp and Darcy Ferrentino. Cleo was started in herding by Darcy, breezing through HT/PT and earning an HSAs leg. She was also certified for therapy dog work. When she went to live with Maeve, she became the meet and greet dog at the Dental Clinic in Syracuse where Maeve's daughter is the dentist. After her retirement, Cleo enjoyed long lazy days with Maeve at the Dwyer Lake House in Skaneateles. She was healthy into her 14th year when she passed on to the bridge. We all miss "the little fuzzer" very much. Cleo

Montage Taming of the Shrew CD "Bianca" was owned by Tammy Brodie DVM in Lakeview MI."Binky" had her own farm to watch over, with sheep, goats, horses, assorted other-breed dogs, and a large pack of Beagles. She often went to work at the vet clinic with Tammy. Although Bianca only competed in breed a couple of times, she had beautiful breed type and structure, and was very striking with her dark grey coat. She was well along the way to her UKC championship, with a Best Female earned under breed specialist Robert Krohn. Bianca also earned a CD in competition obedience and finished her title with a 1st place. She produced a lovely litter sired by Am/Ukc CH Neartic de la Grande Lande. Bianca passed on after a stroke at age 14, leaving her son Preacher to take care of Tammy and the farm.

Montage Tale of Othello CGC, TDIA, HCT, TT "Cassio"  Casey the Wonder Dog was a beloved companion to Mike Bachelder and his family for 14 years. She accomplished much during that time and brought great joy to many. Casey was very outgoing and dynamic. Her favorite activities included frisbee, tennis ball, running after any moving object including but not limited to insects, birds, small children, large children, adult humans, cats, dogs, leaves, etc. She is a mighty squirrel hunter! She tried her paws in herding and earned her AHBA 2-leg herding instinct certification. Casey acted as a model for Mike's photography hobby and was the winner of the Hot Digetty Dawg January 2001 Photo Contest. Click here to see Casey's winning photo.  Casey's most impressive accomplishments were in therapy dog work. She earned her CGC, her TT (ATTS Temperament Test which tests for stability under stress), and passed the TDI test at just 12 months old. She did therapy work with Mike at Calvert County Memorial Hospital for many years, and she earned TDIA status (Therapy Dog International, Active) with her 50th visit. Casey was also the only dog ever to be bestowed with Maryland's "Most Beautiful Person Award" for her work as a Therapy Dog! She shook paws with the Governor. She gave so much love and comfort to humans in need. Her passing left a huge hole in Mike's heart but she will always be remembered by many with joy. Casey

URO1 Montage Much Ado About Nothing HSAs RN, JHD, NAP, NJP, R1MCL, CL1-R, CL1-H, CL1-F, CGC, TDI "Hero" was Susan Geers-Meiners and Rob Meiners' first Tervuren - the original Princess of Dogwood Acres farm in Bethel OH. Hero was a gentle, friendly girl. She earned her TDI certification for therapy dog work at 14 months old and was a wonderful ambassador of the breed. Hero trialed in herding, agility and rally obedience. She had her own flock of sheep and very much enjoyed life on the farm. She went to the Rainbow Bridge one month before her 11th birthday due to osteosarcoma in a leg. She is greatly missed.

Montage The Tempest HIC "Juno" was Carol Chisolm's beloved companion and heart dog. He was the sweetest dog - so smart, funny, and affectionate. He loved to romp with the Chisolm girls, Ashley, and Shawna, and drape himself across laps. His favorite game was frisbee retrieving, at which he was a master in his younger days. Retrieving transferred to any object. If Carol dropped a pencil, piece of paper, book, toy, etc. he would fetch it on request. He was a great help in keeping the house neat! Juno was a gentle and patient friend to all the young humans that came and went, from babies to teens, and he was totally trustworthy with toddlers. Juno was blessed with good health into his old age right up until his last day when his heart failed. He had a long and wonderful life and was dearly loved by all of his large family. He passed on peacefully in Carol's arms a month before his 14th birthdayi. Juno

Montage As You Like It JHD, NA, NAJ, CGC "Lando" was owned by Jackie Johnson in Orlando FL. Lando treated every day as a big adventure. He competed in agility, completing his novice titles in only 4 trials. He also enjoyed sheep herding. In his senior years he traveled widely with his humans and loved adventures on the road. He went to the bridge at 13 years old. He is greatly missed!

Montage Measure for Measure "Isabella" was a much loved companion to Susan, Paul, Olivia and Ethan Barrow in Ann Arbor MI. She adored children and loved to show off her tricks for them and pull them around in a cart. Her best trick was, "Do you have fleas?" for which she would scratch herself! Izzy's favorite activity other than playing with the children and their friends was frisbee. She was a very dynamic retriever. Izzy passed on at age 12 after many happy years. She was a wonderful family dog and was greatly loved. Izzy

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Kathy Madden
Montage Tervuren
New York, NY USA