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THE MONTAGE JAZZ LITTER  09/08/97  7 males, 2 females

SIRE: Am. CH Bergeau Pinot Grigio "Jazz"
CERF BT-1713/1997  OFA Hips BT-2716G33M  Elbows BT-EL378  Scissors bite, full dentition   Height about 26"

DAM: Am/Can. CH Landmark Par Avion HS, JHD, CGC, TDI, P-BAR "Ava"
CERF BT-1315/2003  OFA Hips BT-2705G29F  Elbows BT-EL372  Cardiac BT-CA2/31/F/C  Scissors bite, full dentition   Height 23"


Am. CH Montage Jazz Singer PT, P-BAR "Torchy" was a heart dog to me, more special than I could pssibly put into words. She was the sweetest, most obedient Belgian I have ever known, a dream to live with, and a gentle, fiercely-devoted friend to my daughter Mulan. Torchy and Mulan had a very special relationship. Mulan practically lived in the whelping box for all of Torchy's litters! Calm and serene by nature, Torchy had plenty of drive when working and playing especially if a ball was involved. She loved to swim and retrieve. She was also a good herding farm dog, with a relaxed style for doing chores. Torchy was an important part of mybreeding program. She was the dam of the Montage Surfing litter with George x Desi son Thor, the Montage Beach Litter with French import s.r. CH Neartic de la Grande Lande, and the Montage-BasqueLaine Daredevils Litter with George x Marissa son Hero. At age 12, Torchy followed in the pawprints of her dam Ava and grandsire George, earning a "Performance Breeder's Achievement Reward" (P-BAR), which requires 50 total points to be accumulated in herding and/or agility titles from offspring and grandoffspring. Visit Torchy's P-BAR page to see the list of contributors. Torchy was very active into her senior years, taking up tracking as a new sport at age 13. Torchy will live on in my heart and in her wonderful offspring carrying on down the line.

Am/Can. CH Montage Jazz Festival OA OAJ OAC OGC "Teva" was greatly loved by his chosen person Darcy Ferrentino. He closely resembled his sire Jazz. While calm indoors and easy to live with, as a working dog he had tons of intensity and very high focus. Teva rocked in agility! He sired the Montage Shakespeare litter with George x Desi daughter Am. & Can. CH Montage Montrachet PT, AX, AXJ, OJC, NGC, CGC, TDI Bandit, and the BasqueLaine "U" litter with Grimm grandaughter Can. CH Hexen House Iserah (Sweden). His strong, beautiful Belgian spirit goes on. Teva

Montage Utah Jazz "Utah" never his big debut in conformation, agility and herding, as I had planned and trained for, but he sure did live life to the fullest! Utah had an exuberant, outgoing character and lots of working drive, with a high speed, hell bent for leather attitude. He had lovely type, a stunning outline, and a rich mahogany coat. His movement was absolutely flawless. Utah was my dear friend and a devoted companion to baby Mulan. He was one of the best dogs I ever bred and I will always remember him with joy.

Montage Just Jazz OA OAJ "Louis" was owned by Darlene Hernandez, of Landmark Tervuren, in Orangevale CA. Louis was a big, bold, outgoing, happy goofball. He had his mother's sparkle and his father's flashy looks and attitude. He was a master of the lightning fast "power-weave" in his agility trialing days until Darlene's ankle injury forced them to retire. He had a beautiful, fluid jumping style and plenty of drive. As a senior, he slowed down a little but still enjoyed racing around the yard until his passing at age 14 1/2. Louis

Select Am. CH Montage All That Jazz PT, CGC "Flash" was dearly loved by Rickey Marks. Flash was as light, agile, and fast as his name suggests. He was Rickey's first showdog as well as her first Belgian Tervuren. Rickey worked very hard to learn how to handle him and earned all his points herself. Flash retired from showing with a Select at the ABTC 2006 National Specialty under breeder-judge Debbie Dawe, going all the way to the top of the competition after winning first place in the Herding Titled Dogs class. This was a huge honor and I will always be proud of this win. Flash was an excellent herding dog with a lot of talent, naturally wide and powerful but biddable and calm. Everybody loved Flash! He was one of those dogs that never met a stranger, full of sparkle and happiness.

Montage Jazzmataz CD, HIC, CGC "Jazzy" lived in Pineville SC with Lisa and Brian Epperson. Jazzy Boy was big, bold, outgoing, and sociable. He was pointed in AKC but neutered due to time constraints. Lisa had a lot of fun doing competition obedience with him. He earned his CD with 3 legs in a row, finishing with a 1st place! Check out the photos of them in action on Jazzy's page. Jazzy was also instinct certified on sheep. He was a dearly loved family companion and is greatly missed. Jazzy

Montage Prince of Jazz MX, MXJ, AD "Monte"
was owned by Julie Baker in Valley Center CA. Monte was originally in a different home where he ran wild as a puppy and became a bored monster teenager. Julie took him and turned him into an incredible agility dog. The flying Monte-ster was extremely intense, with very high drive. He was a rocket fast presence in the ring and Julie always had trouble holding him back at the start. Besides agility, Monte and Julie loved a nightly game of frisbee, and it was also his job to put away the pet rabbit. I am forever grateful to Julie for giving this dog a wonderful, fulfilling life after his poor start. He adored Julie and was a very happy, much loved dog.

Montage Dizzybird Jazz "Bebop" was a beloved companion to David and Susan Fetcho in Oakland CA. He was an extremely outgoing, lovable dog, and made friends wherever he went. He had great enthusiasm for all activities, especially sheep herding at which he excelled in his younger years. The Bopster was often found hanging out at cafes and going for long beach walks. He was the sire of the Hot Litter. David spoke of him as having boundless good humor and purely focused joy. What lovely memories of a truly special dog. He passed on a few days after his 16th birthday and will always be loved and missed. Bebop

Montage Celestial Jazz "Comet" was owned by Nancy Stone in Boise, ID. Lively, regal Comet loved to "help" Nancy with gardening projects such as digging holes and flattening bushes. Somehow, Nancy and husband MJ's yard still looked like a showplace. Comet was a much-loved companion. She shared her home with George x Piper puppy Shadow and assorted cats. Comet was in wonderful condition and still a great beauty into her senior years. We all miss her!

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